MAV Locking Assemblies

MAV is one of the world leaders in the design, development, and manufacturing of keyless locking devices. We offer a vast range of internal and external locking assemblies, including shrink discs and rigid couplings.

MAV Locking Assemblies eliminate bothersome keys and keyways which are difficult to machine and to maintain tight tolerances.

Keyways and splined locking systems have important disadvantages, particularly under overload and frequent torque reversals. The notch of the keyway seat is a stress concentrator which increases fatigue strength.

Drive Elements like Pulleys, Gears, Conveyor Drums fitted with keys/keyways are difficult to remove, assemble, adjust.

Keyways and splines are eliminated by Locking Assemblies – a design using 2 tapers and frictional forces to hold the product & shaft together.

Specials : MAV specializes in Designing & offering Special Locking Assemblies, Shrink Discs – using their inhouse Design Engineers & Special Software.

MAV Shrink Discs

MAV Shrink Discs or external locking devices, which provide a rigid, zero-backlash frictional connection between hollow shafts (hub) and shafts.

These elements offer extremely concentric and well balanced connections, ideal for high speed applications. Presented in 3 options – Heavy, medium and light, depending upon torque transmissions. Also available in SPLIT version,

For oxidising/corrosive operating conditions, Stainless Steel as well as surface coated units are available with zinc / nickel plating and phosphate treatment.

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