RULAND Shaft Collars & Rigid Couplings

RULAND Shaft Collars

Ruland is a manufacturer of shaft collars in multiple styles to fit shafts ranging from 1/8 to 6" and 3mm to 150mm. Shaft collars play a critical role in most industrial equipment, where they are used for guiding, spacing, locating, component alignment, and axial stopping. Ruland shaft collars are trusted in thousands of applications worldwide to operate without failure. We take extra care in the design and manufacturing of our shaft collars to maximize their performance in any application.





Rigid Couplings

RULAND Rigid shaft couplings in one and two-piece designs, with and without keyways, in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Many standard sizes are available in straight, and step bore combinations to fit shafts ranging from 1/8" to 2" in the inch series and from 3mm to 50mm in the metric series. The one-piece rigid coupling wraps around the shaft, providing high torsional holding power without damage to the shaft or fretting. The two-piece rigid coupling has the additional benefit of easy fitment, without disturbing other components – apart from easy dynamic balancing.



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