ETP Keyless Bushes - Eliminates Troublesome Keys/Keyways

Keyless Bushes

ETP keyless bushes have proven to be a reliable and efficient hub-shaft connection solution for several decades since their invention in 1973 by ETP Transmission AB in Sweden.

The patented technology of the ETP bushes has remained popular in various industrial applications all over the world.Tradelink Services is the ETP Keyless Bushes supplier in india

ETP bushes work by creating a hydraulic pressure that expands in the thin-walled cylinder and grips both the shaft and the component at the same time - without the need for keys and keyways. This design eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional hub-shaft connections, such as machining precise keyway, quicker and frequent assembly and dismantling.


The original - a competitive connection for all normal needs! ETP-CLASSIC is used for mounting timing belt pulleys, cam curves and many more applications. Positioning along and around the shaft is easy and fast with high precision. Service and maintenance are also quick because of the easy dismantling. ETP-CLASSIC is recommended for all normal needs. ETP-CLASSIC is also available in stainless, type R, suitable for the food and medical industries.

ETP Express / ETP Express R

ETP-EXPRESS is a hydraulic connection which has only ONE screw for pressurising. It is especially suitable for repositioning of the hub fast and accurately. The screw is tightened in the radial direction, this means no space is used along the shaft for mounting tools. Other components can be mounted on the shaft all the way up to the flange. ETP-EXPRESS has extremely small built-in dimensions which makes a compact design possible.

ETP Power

Fast mounting and high radial loads ETP-POWER is a hydraulic connection with the highest performance among the single screw ETP hub-shaft connections. With ETP-POWER all the positive benefits and features of hydraulic clamping, such as easy handling, compact design and precision, is combined with high radial load capacity due to the specific properties of the pressure medium.

ETP Hyloc

For heavy loads and quick mounting! ETP-HYLOC is a hydro-mechanical hub-shaft connection which, due to its robust design, is ideally suited to work in difficult environments and heavy operations like steel rolling mills, process industries etc. An interesting application, among many, has been fastening of feeding or forming rolls to shafts. ETP-HYLOC is fast to mount, has good concentricity and can take high torque and radial loads. Mounting and dismantling is easily carried out with a hydraulic pump.

ETP Techno

High precision and frequent mounting. ETP-TECHNO is a hydraulic connection with very high precision. It is especially designed for applications where fast frequent changes or adjustments, with high precision are needed. It can be mounted/dismantled 1000´s of times. ETP-TECHNO is very easy to mount with only one screw, and it also has extremely good concentricity. ETP-TECHNO is the one to choose among the ETP hub-shaft connections when very high precision is needed.


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