TRASMIL Cardan Shafts

TRASMIL Cardan Shafts

Cardan shafts are all-metal flexible joints used for transmitting torque at various working angles. They have the ability to work up to a 35° angle and transmit torque ranging from 100 Nm to 650 KNm (as standard) Special Cardans are available for higher loads.

The availability of standard DIN or SAE flanges makes them compatible with different industrial applications.

TRASMIL Srl offers a wide range of models including Single, Double, Fixed length and Variable length options catering to a wide range of applications – such as Steel, Paper, Inspection machines and Printing/Packaging machines.

With a track record of supplying to leading European companies in the steel manufacturing and machinery/equipment sectors TRASMIL Srl has built a reputation for reliability and quality.

Their 30 years of experience further strengthens their standing in the industry.

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