Poly V belts are widely used in diverse industries due to their special configuration which provides higher efficiency and versatility as compared to other types of V-Belts/Flat Belts, etc.

HUTCHINSON specializes in the development and manufacture of Poly V belts and they have a very high market share in Europe particularly in the automobile, white goods and industrial sectors. Their partnerships with large OEMs like Ford, GM, Whirlpool, Hyundai and Electrolux further demonstrate their reputation and acceptance in the industry.

One distinguishing feature of HUTCHINSON Poly V belts is their production technique, which uses completely vulcanised ribs of a sleeve as opposed to the grinding method employed by other manufacturers. Improved gearbox efficiency and reduced vibration and noise, particularly at higher speeds are the consequences of this specific manufacturing technique (accuracy of pitch in a sleeve). Hutchinson Poly V-Belts are perfect for high-speed applications because to this characteristic.

HUTCHINSON offers an extensive range of Poly V belts covering various sections such as PH, PJ, PK, PL and PM with lengths ranging from 200 mm to 15,500 mm in most sections. This wide range allows for customization to meet specific industrial requirements.

Flexonic Belt

Poly V Belt

Conveyxonic Belt

HUTCHINSON also offers Conveyxonic belts for Fixed center Drives for efficient power transmission of Conveyors replacing noisy and less efficient chain conveyors. Saves power, silent operation, capable of being used to drive a load of up to 200 Kg. The special design of Hutchinson’s Conveyxonic belts offers quiet transmission clean and less maintenance.

Flexonic belts from Hutchinson widely used in Washing Machines, Tread Mills, Food Processors. Because of their compactness offer reduced vibration and thus lower noise levels. Because of uniform tension there is an increased power transmission providing a longer life.

Overall HUTCHINSON's Poly V belts offer a combination of quality, efficiency and versatility making them a popular choice in industries.

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