STS Metal Bellow Couplings

STS Metal Bellow Couplings

The Stainless-Steel Metal Bellow Couplings provided by StS offer several advantages including backlash-free transmission high flexibility and torsional stiffness. These couplings ensure precise and reliable power transmission.

StS entered the market with its own brand of couplings in January 2009, following 15 years of working as the main sub-contractor for a leading brand of couplings. This extensive experience enabled StS to gain valuable insights into the development and production methods of couplings leading to improved performance in their own product line.

These couplings consist of a stainless steel metal bellow joined together to Al or Steel hubs provide a complete backlash free transmission between 2 shafts, with various other advantages. Designed to transmit a torque range of 0.4 Nm to 5,000 Nm with bore diameters from 3mm to 85 mm in divergent models, including plain bore/keyway, side and top clamping, internal and external conical hubs. Apart from this large standard range, Sts specializes in developing new models to the needs of clients.

With its dedicated team of accumulated experience, StS strives to provide innovative and reliable solutions to its customers.

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