RU-STEEL Flexible Couplings

RU-STEEL Flexible Couplings

RU-STEEL design and produce elastic, flexible couplings always reliable and with high efficiency and standard and custom-made couplings for each specific industry application – lengths, coatings, materials, stiffnesses, dielectric insulation, ATEX certified products.

This range includes various types of couplings such as elastic couplings, self-lubricating couplings and super elastic couplings covering a wide range of transmitting Power from 3 Nm to 18,000 Nm and shaft diameters upto 600mm and Bores upto 800 mm. This enables them to meet the demands of various types of clients.

RU-STEEL continuously keeps on improving its products to ensure the highest functionality, durability and cost-effectiveness for the end-user. The company is dedicated to perfecting its engineering processes and delivering products that meet customer expectations.

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Through continuous design and production improvements they have successfully created a wide range of reputed clients all over the world. With experienced distributors located worldwide - they are capable of servicing their clients everywhere.

Overall RU-STEEL's focus on quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement positions them as a reliable choice in the field of Flexible couplings.

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