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Universal Joints

Popularly known as universal joints, ball joints or Cardan shafts - these are all metal couplings with a capacity to work upto 45°.

Located in Castelleone, off Milan (Italy), Officina Meccanica Flli Aramini Srl meets the requirements of industries/distributors from all over the world. Their expertise gathered over a period of 50 years –has enabled them to offer a wide range of Hi Precision Joints to meet the demands of all types of industries.


ROTAR - Extendable (AL) & Single Joint

ROTAR Double Joint

ROTAR Needle Bearing - Extendable Joint / Quick Release


ROTAR Male Pin

ROTAR Black Oxide Coating

Bore Options

Plain Bore

Bore + Keyway JS9

Square Bore

Hexagon Bore

Splined Bore

Threaded Bore

Our strengths

ROTAR Universal Joints have proven their capacity to work very efficiently under Indian conditions. ROTAR brand of Universal Joints are increasingly used by all segments of industries proving their superiority over other brands available. These joints are machined on specially designed mass production machines which offer consistent quality & high production – thus ensuring timely deliveries.

Universal Joints manufactured locally cannot guarantee the torque ratings, as indicated in our catalogue – since they have never been tested for these characteristics.

ROTAR Universal Joints are all metal couplings with a high degree of flexibility – can work upto 45 ° working angle. We are offering 3 individual models with various combination of options – unheard of, in the Indian industry. Bush type models AL & A are suitable for speeds upto 800 rpm & model V for speeds upto 4000 rpm (fitted with needle bearings) and available ex-stock for single or double configurations.

We were the first Indian Company to publish data on the torque transmitting capacity of individual models at various speeds (available in our catalogue)