We provide very high quality of poly v belts drives which known widely for its use in diverse industries. These are offered in different sizes and dimensions as required for industrial applications. The most visible fact being that automobiles (the largest segment to use belts) has switched onto Poly V® for transmission. HUTCHINSON of France are the European leaders in Poly V Belts - specializing only in the development and manufacture of this type of belts. The very fact that they have more than 50% market share in the European automobile, white goods and industrial segments prove their quality and acceptability to large OEM's like Ford/GM/Whirlpool/Electrolux.

The exhaustive range of HUTCHINSON covering H, J, K, L & M sections, from lengths of 200 mm to 15,500mm (in most sections) enable them to offer various sizes of standard lengths as required for Industrial applications. Hutchinson manufactures these belts in a different way (fully vulcanized ribs of a sleeve) as against grinding by most of the other manufacturers, leading to better transmission efficiency & less VIBRATION & NOISE (specially at higher speeds).

The very construction of the Poly V-Belts makes it suitable to replace all existing belt drives.

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Poly V Belts

Poly V®-Belts offer several advantages as compared to V/Wedge/Flat belts in terms of smaller pulley diameters, higher belt speeds, narrower face widths thus leading to efficient transmission of power. The most visible fact being that automobiles (the largest segment to use belts) has switched onto Poly V® for transmission.

Poly V Belts

Flexonic Belt

The FleXonic® is a power transmission elastic belt featuring multiple longitudinal ribs. The FleXonic® belt can be installed on a fixed center distance. Its elastic polyamide cord gives it unrivalled advantages.

The FleXonic® tension can be stabilised after just a few minutes in dynamic performance mode. Tension will not change throughout the lifetime of the belt. No need for maintenance operations to re-tension V-belts. The FleXonic® belt's elastic properties guarantee automatic and constant tension. Flexonic ® - a Hutchinson patent launched for household industry is available for industrial applications - enabling installation on fixed center distances, reduced noise and dampening of shock loads.

Poly V Belts

Conveyxonic Belts

The ConveyXonic® is a power transmission elastic belt featuring longitudinal ribs. It has been specifically developed for roller conveyors. It is the only technology capable of transporting parcels weighing from 1 kg to 2 tonnes. Conveyxonic® - a revolutionary Poly V belt for usage in powered roller conveyors. The only technology to transport packages from 1 to 200 Kg with 4 times power transmission than a round belt for rapid and smooth package flow (4m/s).

Poly V Belts


Major Advantages :

  • No matching of belts required - Monoblock structure that eliminates flapping- as all ribs have the same length, thus providing longer life, reduced stretch and importantly higher transmission efficiency.
  • Smaller pulley diameters possible and with reduced face widths (due to higher power transmission) leading to extended bearing life.
  • Higher belt speeds, due to its construction. High speed ratios, possible (upto 1:60)
  • The superior polymer and manufacturing technology of HUTCHINSON provides reduced vibration and lesser noise (moulded ribs as compared to ground ribs of competitors).
  • Finally, we in TRADELINK having a long term association with Hutchinson of France (from 1998) have the expertise to offer assistance in design and recommend ideal Poly V® - Drives, with technical support of HUTCHINSON.