MAV Locking Assemblies

MAV Locking Assemblies eliminate bothersome keys and keyways which are difficult to machine and to maintain tight tolerances. 

Keyways and splined locking systems have important disadvantages, particularly under overload and frequent torque reversals. The notch of the keyway seat is a stress concentrator which increases fatigue strength. 

Drive Elements like Pulleys, Gears, Conveyor Drums fitted with keys/keyways are difficult to remove, assemble, adjust 

Keyways and splines are eliminated by Locking Assemblies – a design using 2 tapers and frictional forces to hold the product & shaft together.TRASMIL Cardan Shafts

Specials  :    MAV specializes in Designing & offering Special Locking Assemblies, Shrink Discs – using their inhouse Design Engineers & Special Software

Product Profile

Also known as Clamping units and used as Keyless Bushes to mount products onto shafts, without keys and keyways.

MAV SpA of Italy has been in this competitive field for the past 30 years and is a major player in the US, Australian and European market. Manufactures high quality shaft-hub connections encompassing a range from 6 to 600mm (as a standard). Has built up unique expertise in designing and manufacturing clamping units to conform to individual requirements providing various types of coatings (for critical environment applications). MAV SpA was the first Italian Company get an ISO certification for manufacturing/marketing of Clamping Units, way back in 1998 itself.

MAV Clamping Units
MAV 5061

MAV 5061

MAV 4061

MAV 4061

MAV 2005

MAV 2005

An exhaustive range of models (ID/OD retained the same, for standardization, in most models) to suit varied widths of products being mounted with Lower run-out characteristics (self-centering and non self-centering).

MAV – Special products are also designed and manufactured to suit individual customer requirements.


Our strengths

Working in collaboration with customers, MAV has developed various solutions to applications, using FEM analysis, which allows to verify the strength and safety features of their product range.

A modern machine shop with robotically controlled machines enables MAV to provide consistent dimensionally stable products.

MAV Clamping Units

MAV Shrink Discs

MAV Shrink Discs or external locking devices, which provide a rigid, zero-backlash frictional connection between hollow shafts (hub) and shafts.

These elements offer extremely concentric and well balanced connections, ideal for high speed applications. Presented in 3 options – Heavy, medium and light, depending upon torque transmissions. Also available in SPLIT version,

For oxidising/corrosive operating conditions, Stainless Steel as well as surface coated units are available with zinc / nickel plating and phosphate treatment.

MAV Clamping Units

MAV Rigid Couplings

MAV Rigid Couplings Model 1004 & 1204 offer light & medium duty Rigid couplings to connect shafts of the same diameter. Specials - to connect 2 shafts of different diameters, Stainless Steel construction can also be catered to.

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